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Discover the Convenience of Mobile Hairdressing for Seniors in Hornsby. Expert Stylists Bring Salon Services to Your Doorstep.

Mobile Hairdressing Services for Seniors in Hornsby

Embracing Convenience and Comfort

Tailored Haircare at Your Doorstep

Navigating the world of haircare can be challenging, especially for seniors in Hornsby who may find traditional salon visits inconvenient or inaccessible.

Recognising this gap, mobile hairdressing services have emerged as a beacon of convenience and personalisation, catering specifically to the senior community in Hornsby.

Mobile hairdressing services offer a plethora of benefits tailored to meet the unique needs of seniors.

The most evident advantage is the elimination of the need to travel, reducing the stress and physical strain associated with salon visits.

This service is particularly beneficial for those with mobility issues or those who prefer the safety and comfort of their own homes.

Mobile Hairdresser for Seniors Hornsby

Kind Words From a Few Client's.

Jeannie Mitchel, Northbridge:

"THE COMPLETE PACKAGE that is John a great haircutter, colourist, terrific sense of humour, listens and discusses style and colour options with you and happy to make suggestions also happy to go along with your ideas".

"Never having used a mobile hairdressing service before, I was a bit nervous".

"As soon as I met John I felt confident he knew what he was doing and went with his recommendations and voila".

"Perfect cut and colour! I have had so many compliments so have willingly passed John's details on".

"So, glad I found you John".

Aviva Mushin, Sydney:

"John is the best hair dresser I have known in 35 years. His personal attention to clients is professional, patient and understanding".

"He understands that all clients have individual needs".

"Having someone come to the home is a rare thing and John is always respectful".

"I first came to him when my hair was just starting to grow back following chemotherapy".

"I had had several unhappy encounters with hairdressers prior to meeting John who did not understand about hair loss and regrowth".

"He approached the situation with honesty, warmth and even some humour".

"My hair is now healthy and I will not let anyone else look after it".

Rowena Bass, Central Coast:

"I first met John in July 2008 after stumbling upon him in an internet search for a hairdresser".

"For many years I have never been happy with my fine, limp hair and could never find a hairdresser who could cut my hair successfully".

"Not only is he a brilliant haircutter and colourist, the magic he worked on my hair changed me".

"It has given me so much confidence in myself and taken years off me".

"I would have no hesitation in recommending this brilliant hairdresser to anyone".

"John is truly amazing. No-one else will ever touch my hair again".

"Thank you, for turning me from drab to fab".

Ly Johnson, Lilyfield:

"John has been cutting my hair for over 9 years and I have never had a better hairdresser".

"John knows not only what hairstyles suit me and my lifestyle but also what is best for my hair".

"John never rushes a cut or blow dry and always gives you a fabulous cut and 100% attention to detail".

Flexible Scheduling and Individual Attention

Unlike traditional salons, mobile hairdressers offer flexible scheduling options that can be customised to fit into the daily routines of seniors, ensuring that haircare does not disrupt their regular activities.

Moreover, the one-on-one attention provided by mobile hairdressers allows for a more personalised service, ensuring that each senior's specific needs and preferences are met.

Travel Fee

Travel Fee is to compansate for the time in distance from base to your location back to base and includes tolls if applicable. It is added to the hair service price.

Group Booking

When Two or more are having a hair service at same time and location the travel fee is charged once not per person.

Hair Services


Clipper Cut (No scissors).
Time Required up to 35 minutes

Haircut Trim
Time Required up to 45 minutes, and/or
Up to (1" = 2.54cm) or less cut off?

Haircut Restyle
Time Required up to 60 minutes, and/or
Up to (2" = 5.08cm) or less cut off?

Haircut Makeover
Time Required up to 75 minutes, and/or
Up to (2" = 5.08cm) or more cut off?

Blow Dry

Like a blow dry with your haircut?

Chin Length
Above Shoulder
On Shoulders
Below Shoulders
Above Bra Strap
On Bra Strap
Below Bra Strap
Above Waist
On Waist
Below Waist
Longer Than Below Waist


Like foils with your haircut?

Foils done with Bleach, Tint or Both

Partline 15 - 25 Foils
Half Head 20 - 30 Foils
Three Quarter Head 30 - 40 Foils
Full Head 40 - 50 Foils
Additional foils in blocks of 10

Semi-Permanent Colour

Like semi-permanent colour with your haircut?

Semi - Permanent - Fades Away

Full All Over Colour

Chin Length
Above Shoulder
On Shoulders
Below Shoulders
Above Bra Strap
On Bra Strap
Below Bra Strap
Above Waist
On Waist
Below Waist
Longer Than Below Waist

Tint Permanent Colour

Like tint permanent colour with your haircut?

Tint - Permanent - Grows Out


up to 1 inch = 2.54 cm
up to 2 inch = 5.08 cm
up to 3 inch = 7.62 cm
up to 4 inch = 10.16 cm
up to 5 inch = 12.70 cm
Longer Than 5 inch = 12.70 cm

Full All Over Colour

Chin Length
Above Shoulder
On Shoulders
Below Shoulders
Above Bra Strap
On Bra Strap
Below Bra Strap
Above Waist
On Waist
Below Waist
Longer Than Below Waist

What to Expect from Your Mobile Hairdressing Experience

A Comprehensive Range of Services

Mobile hairdressers in Hornsby are equipped to offer a range of services, from a haircut, haircut with a blow dry, Foils, Semi-Permanent and styling to more complex treatments like coloring and perms.

These services are not only convenient but also adhere to the highest standards of quality, ensuring that seniors receive the same level of professional care they would expect from a traditional salon.

Health and Safety Prioritised

Given the current health landscape, mobile hairdressers are committed to maintaining stringent hygiene and safety protocols.

Equipment is sanitized between visits, and stylists adhere to health guidelines to ensure the well-being of their senior clients.

This dedication to safety allows seniors to enjoy their hairdressing experience without concern.

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